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Throughout my many years of managing people, I have always tried to find the very best talent I can find for my businesses. As a manager it is wonderful to deal with these folks. When they are performing well, they achieve results far beyond expectations, they challenge me to do my best and keep up with the new technology. Most of all, they consistently provide top quality solutions and products for our customers.

I love working with the smartest people I can find. They can spot current and potential problems and solve them, they challenge themselves to be constantly learning new things. These folks are seldom satisfied with their own performance and most are looking to continuously advance themselves professionally.

When these smart folks are motivated workers what they can achieve is truly impressive. This is the point where they become winners!

Recently, in the process of interviewing several potential engineering interns, we met a young lady that truly differentiated herself. At initial contact, we dismissed her partly because she was only a sophomore and her schedule lacked any useful blocks of time to be of value to us. Rather than just accepting our rejection, she came back and asked what hours we were looking for then called us back a couple of days later to let us know she had arranged her schedule for the upcoming semester to accommodate our needs. Impressed by her initiative, we invited her in for a face to face interview, where she outshone several more senior candidates. She arrived enthusiastic, ready to earn a job and convinced us that it would be a mistake not to give her a try. She is ready to work on any project and is flexible about hours.

We look forward to having her join us; I think we have found another winner!


A Lifetime of Great Mentors

As I grow older, I thrill at the memories of folks that have helped form my values, stir my curiosity, encourage me to excel and provide inspiration. Some of them I have not seen for 50 or more years. I am sure I will miss some folks which I will add as I think of them. My parents and family were the most important resource to establish the confidence, work ethic and core values to build my life on. I will try to write a separate blog about them later on.

The most distant person that I remember was my eighth-grade science teacher, Charlie Horner, who made science exciting to many of us. A few of us tried all year to learn more about a subject than he knew, he made learning challenging and fun and instilled a life-long interest in all technology. I had a great group of teachers in high school that motivated me to study and prepare for college. Equally enjoyable were a great many friends, classmates and teammates that still provoke some great memories. Dr. Roderick Macaulay, a brilliant cardiologist, encouraged and assisted me in getting into pre-med at Tufts.

At Tufts, my best friend was Eddie Lukey and followed by several of my Theta Chi fraternity brothers. After transferring to Western New England I had a great strength of materials professor, Henry Sundberg and a math professor Ed Lecuyer that I enjoyed to the point that most of my electives were advanced math courses he taught. About this time, I had started working full-time at Monsanto in Springfield. As my first real job, I was fortunate to have three great mentors in Tip Larkin, Don Baldridge, and Al Lasota. Each of them took a very young kid and did their best to guide me and teach me many skills and values that I follow today.

At twenty-three, Karen and I took our baby, Janine, and left West Springfield. I was off to a new job was at the Stonington CT Monsanto plant, where I was fortunate enough to work for Ed Cooley who was a true example of a great boss, mentor and life coach as well as a friend to our family. Two other close friends and guides were Ray Winchester and Larry Pont – just great people! I also had the pleasure of working with a great mid-western gentlemen, Jesse Lee Saar; Jesse was always meeting his goals and exceeding my expectations with a level of composure and quiet confidence that I always wished I could emulate. Here I also met an engineer who has proven to be a great friend and mentor throughout the years; Mike Turek and his wife Sharon, are a pair of those wonderful people who you can reconnect with in minutes after years apart. Writing this makes me start thinking that I must need to travel to PA for something!

As I moved into management, I had the opportunity to work with and learn from many talented coworkers, Mike Turek, John Blundy, John Greising, Ken Heyse and Andy Novotny to mention a few. As stated, I am sure I am missing many, many others. Some of these folks are probably deceased but if their friends and family want to contact me I would be honored. To the rest of you, I thank you, I am a better person for knowing you.

The best news is almost every month we are blessed to network with many new connections and I hope all of them will be on a future list of great friends and mentors.

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